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The beauty of drinking alcohol responsibly

Alcohol like wines are known to have many health benefits which is a PLUS but the PLUS can easily turn into a MINUS when over the limit.   The BEAUTY of drinking alcohol is when it is drunk responsibly.

Alcohol can ease stress – push it away where a distance is felt like a breath of fresh air.   You feel light-hearted, CAREFREE; your troubles seem so far away; what is there to worry about?   That beautiful feeling can be addictive as you drink your cares away but the problem with that is the more one consumes alcohol, the more resistant we become; e.g. the affect of one glass of wine can wear off so that you need to drink 3 or 4 glasses of wine to gain the same affect.

You have to ask yourself first of all why am I drinking alcohol?  Is it to relieve stress, make me feel more relaxed?  IF the answer is yes it means that you are drinking alcohol as a crutch which can be a dangerous thing to do because the crutch can have you reaching for one glass too many.

The dangers of excess

Being aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol excessively is very important, especially at an early stage so that you becoming addicted than reaching a stage where you have to conquer an addiction; in other words, prevention is better than a cure.

Telling yourself “I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A DRUNK” making it clear you don’t want your life to fall by the wayside is very important.   Becoming an alcoholic can run your life to ruin; to take what is shiny and make it dull; instead of having the mindset to be the best you can be, alcohol addiction will lead you into being someone else who could have done better.

Saying when

If you have enough space in the light to say WHEN cherish that space for it can save your life.   Excessive consumption of alcohol, especially on a regular basis can damage your health and lead to an early demise.

Less is more

Less is more in many instances and this applies to alcohol.   There has been many instances of people living to be over 100 and many of them attribute it to a tiffle each day in a small amount like a glass of sherry.

The health benefits of drinking alcohol are numerous and some are listed in this article written by Medical Daily

In other words, being a teetotal is not so much of a good thing, compared to people who drink alcohol responsibly.

In countries like France where people eat more fattening foods than people in the UK, France has a lower heart attack rate due to their regular consumption of red wine which is high in antioxidants.   British people are more beer drinkers which has far less health benefits than wine.   A regular consumption of beer is known to give people beer guts.

But even French people are cutting back due to the harm excessive consumption of wine to ones health.

Alcohol abuse

Why ruin a beautiful relationship with alcohol by abusing it and abusing yourself? But from a psychological level sometimes we can inadvertently abuse alcohol when we are unhappy.   The job that many people hate can lead them into having a few too many especially on a Friday night – so as they drink alcohol, they are drowning their sorrows at the same time.

They don’t like the majority of their life that is spent 9-5ing, so they drink excessively that can lead to an earlier demise to free them from having to 9-5.   It would be more sensible to change career.

In other words when we are unhappy, we can punish ourselves through alcohol abuse and it can seem so easy to reach for the bottle as the answer to all our problems.   But the MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE will read – YOU DID WRONG if the bottle was emptied in one sitting.

Knowing who you want to be

Knowing who you want to be on a positive level can control your consumption of alcohol.   Do you want to be like a drunk, whose face is red and swollen, his nose has become bulbous, he has stopped washing and smells like a rubbish tip.   His whole life has fallen by the wayside due to alcohol addiction; his wife has left him; his children don’t want to know him; his family has disowned him. The only friends he has virtually live in the local pub that he had been frequenting for the past 40 years.   He lives but his life is truly over since his life is all about alcohol from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep.   Sometimes he feels a pain in his liver and the pain is horrible but he is not able to stop drinking, because drinking has become his life.   His life?

He started drinking as a lad, never knew when to say when but back then he had felt invincible and didn’t think he had to say when.   But alcohol caught up with him when he began sneaking alcohol into work with him.   He would put alcohol in a soda bottle to hide the fact he was drinking alcohol.   That’s when things started to truly go downhill.   He would do his job in a drunk haze; just going through the motions with a half smile on his face.   He thought he had discovered a wonderful method to get through his day working in a factory.     But years later he was made redundant and never worked again after that since he couldn’t be bothered to look for work he was too busy drinking.   His wife needed him to work for there were bills to pay but all he cared about was having enough money to buy alcohol.   His wife ended up throwing him out of the house.

He became homeless for a spell and then got housed in a council flat on an estate and was given a weekly job seekers allowance but although he took the money; he did not look for a job and was so happy he didn’t have to work which gave him more time to get drunk.

Before he knew it, he had reached retirement age and his job seekers allowance became a pension.   As a pensioner, he spends most of his days sitting in a pub drinking alcohol and on occasions his attention would turn to the TV if a good match was on.

If he had told himself years ago when he was a lad The BEAUTY of drinking alcohol is drinking responsibly he would not have turned into a drunk and his whole life would have played out differently; he would still be married; get to know his grandchildren; he and his wife would have bought a holiday villa in Spain after selling their huge home for a smaller home after their grown up children moved out.   A 6 bedroom house in London cost a fortune these days.

Put it away

Wine Decanter sold on Amazon

You are sitting around a dinner table and open a bottle of wine and as you eat your meal, you have a glass of wine but after the glass is empty you pour out another glass.     Sometimes you have to put it away; don’t leave a whole bottle of wine right before you since it can lead you into drinking excessively.   Instead buy a wine decanter that allows you to pour out enough for one or two glasses and then put the bottle away.

Tell yourself clearly that you will stick to the limit of the wine decanter and NO MORE.   Once you have put the wine bottle away, stored somewhere out of eye-shot, leave it alone for that day when you can enjoy the beauty of drinking alcohol responsibly.

Rowdy crowd

Many people believe that there is safety in numbers, so if EVERYONE is doing it, it is safe to do it also.   WRONG!

There are certain groups of friends who will drink as if there is no tomorrow when they are together where they feel that the more the merrier.   The more alcohol they drink, the louder they become and seem to be having more of a good time.   It might be tempting to join in if you are in that group especially if you are one of those people who hate being the odd one out.

But being the odd one out can be the best thing since it can save your life and save you from having experiences that you might regret later.   The harsh reality is, so many women are taken advantage of when they are drunk; so many men do things they would not ordinarily do if they were sober.

The drinks culture can make it seem OK to be over the limit and drinking sensibly may open your eyes to how a wild certain people can become once over the limit.   Once I attended a birthday party and as more and more people got drunk, certain people began acting wilder and wilder.   I saw men and women snogging each other even though they had just met; one man took all his clothes off except his underwear and started dancing on the dance-floor.   One man was so drunk he just froze like a statue.

I was able to see it all unfold because I was sober.   One man put a huge glass of red wine before me and gave me a cheeky smile, hoping I would drink it, but I didn’t touch it.

I was happy to be the odd one out.

Drinking responsibly

Alcohol can be like a lovely friend who can be with you throughout your whole life when alcohol is drunk responsibly. It can enhance our quality of LIFE, so it is worth making the effort to drink responsibly.  You can tap into the many health benefits and know that it will give you more space for the light to carry you through your whole life.

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