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Blind Wine tasting

Blind tasting is a great way to learn about wine in a fun way.   We can combine our showcase with a blind tasting where you can see whether you can guess which wine is the cheap one and expensive; which wine comes from a hot region and cold. [clear] Tasting the difference We will start by going […]

Wine and art

The Wine Brands can combine wine tasting with ART to offer a new type of wine tasting experience and great place to socialise and make new friends, whilst learning about wine and discovering your favourite wine brands. [clear] Wine and Art Each event can feature a collection of art-work that you can purchase.   The art […]

The Wine Brands | Press Release

Why spend a fortune on buying wines when you can just taste a sample to find out which wines you would truly buy or leave on the shelf? The Wine Brands makes it clear they it is a company on a mission to help people discover their favourite wine brands enjoyably, economically and conveniently.   Book a showcase […]


The Wine Brands

Please do not hestiate to contact us regarding any future showcases you are considering booking. We are only a phone call away and we would be very happy to hear from you.



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