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Budget wine tasting showcase


Discover the beauty of budget red and white wines that cost £5 to £10…  An in-house showcase will bring the wines to you to taste to discover your favourite brand with a selection of cheeses and tasty nibbles.   Cheap wines don’t have to taste cheap.   We present the most expressive representation of budget wines that won’t break the bank and ticks all the boxes.

Find out why wine brands differ from one another, region to region as you discover the wines that impress and the ones that you will leave on the shelf.   Our showcases are ideal for wine lovers who want to taste before they buy.

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The showcase

This showcase is for wine enthusiasts who want to discover quality but affordable wines.   Discover what brands impress and what brands you would leave on the shelf.   There are hundreds of affordable and quality wines on the market which means that there is so much to choose from but discovering your favourite brand can be costly.

Six budget red and white wines

There will be 6 wines showcased

  • Two red wines
  • Two white wines
  • One Rose
  • One sparkling wine

If you book another event, the selection of wines will be different.

A selection of fine Cheeses and nibbles

Food and wine are known to be a match made in heaven.

To accompany the wine will be a selection of cheeses from blue cheeses to cream cheeses and more.    Along with the cheeses there   will be a selection of crackers.

Morning, afternoon or evening

You can book a showcase either in the morning, afternoon or evening any day of the week including Sundays.

Set your start time  A fine selection of cheeses
Rocket Restaurant - Mezzenne level cheese board

What to expect

The evening will start with a rudimentary run through of the art of  wine tasting and then we will present each wines with food as we show a colourful slide presentation about each wine brand so that by the end of the evening everyone will be very familiar with each brand, it’s region, history, wine making process, food pairing and other interesting information.

The best wine apps

We recommend downloading a wine tasting app before the showcase so that you can make a note of any wines you like.

Top wine tasting apps

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Minimum booking

Please note:  The minimum number of people per showcase is six people.

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