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A private wine tasting for you and your friends

What better than spending time with your family and friends discovering your favourite wine brand?

The Wine Brands is a different kind of wine tasting company.   We are all about the BRAND; getting to know different wine brands, discovering the brands that impress or the one’s that may not so that when you go shopping to buy wines, there is this new awareness about specific wine brands.

Why buy the whole bottle when you can taste a number of different wines  and make an assessment first?   Our showcases are a practical way of learning about wines whilst discovering your favourite wine brands, their history, region, other interesting facts along with why they taste the way they do.

You can book a wine tasting showcase in your home for a minimum of six people; it’s as easy as that or we can present showcases at clubs, parties, associations and corporate events.   Showcases are split into different pricing groups from budget wines to vintage wines.

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Budget wines

Wine bottles

This showcases presents six affordable and quality wines from hot and cold regions. READ MORE

£25.00Book now

Fine wines

£89.00Book now

Discover the beauty of fine wines at a special wine tasting showcase.  READ MORE

Wines from £9 to £13

This showcase presents quality wines that cost that little bit extra. READ MORE 

£35.00Book now

Vintage wines

vintage wines

Does age matter when it comes to wine?  Discover the finest wines at a private showcase.   READ MORE

£150.00Book now

Wines from £14 to £25

This showcase presents quality wines that’s price range starts from £13.  READ MORE

£45.00Book now

Blind wine tasting

Learn about wines the fun way at a wine tasting showcase.  READ MORE

£25.00Book now



The Wine Brands

Please do not hestiate to contact us regarding any future showcases you are considering booking. We are only a phone call away and we would be very happy to hear from you.



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