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Wine tasting party – places to go in London

Finding the right places to go in London for people who may want to avoid noisy, crowded clubs or bars can attend a wine tasting showcase party that combine wine tasting with food and an after party.

The wine tasting showcase starts at 6pm and a selection of wines are displayed on different tables with information at hand about each wines.

Rating your wines
5 star

The beauty of attending The Wine Brands events is the opportunity you have to RATE your wines so that after a time you will have a database of wines that you love and wines that you prefer to leave on the shelf.

Food and wine


Each event will include a sumptious buffet along with information about what foods go with what wines.   You will be able to discover the beauty of how wines can enhance the flavor of food and how food can enhance the flavor of wines.    But you may also learn how some wines do not go with some foods…

Having access to a wine selection of food, you will have a perfect opportunity to discover how food and wine can be a match made in heaven.

The After Party

To top the evening off, the evening will end with an after party where the dance floor will open up to give everyone a chance to shake a leg and also socialize.

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The Wine Brands

Please do not hestiate to contact us regarding any future showcases you are considering booking. We are only a phone call away and we would be very happy to hear from you.



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