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Party wine tasting

Have you ever gone into a wine shop where there are different section dedicated to different types of wines like red and white wines, sparkling and Rose? All you see are bottles with labels and so many to choose from. You pick one up and read the description on the back of the bottle with the hope that it will help you decide which wine to buy. You make a choice hoping you have made the right one but when you try the wine at home, you wish that you had made another choice.

The Wine Brands is here to take the guesswork out of choosing wines since our showcases is all about becoming familiar with THE BRANDS. We showcase six different brands, with colourful presentations about the region, history, wine making process, food pairing and more. By the end of the event you will have this beautiful awareness of new wine brands so that when you shop for wines you have an in depth knowledge about. Our showcases are fun and informative and provide a cost effective way of discovering new wine brands and what’s more, we hold the showcases in-house which means we bring the wines to you.

Who we cater to

We cater to CLUBS, GROUPS, ASSOCIATIONS, PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS and CORPORATE EVENTS. Our showcases are also ideal for occasions like birthday parties and hen nights or for an evening at home with some friends, catering to six people minimum. Our events range from budget wines to vintage wines. Our showcases present wines with different price ranges from budget wines to vintage and fine wines knowing that everyone has different budgets.

Food and wine

All our events are served with a fine selection of cheeses, with crackers and other tasty nibbles. These events are great for socialising, team building and making new friends.

Budget wines

Wine bottles

This showcases presents six affordable and quality wines from hot and cold regions. READ MORE

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Fine wines

Discover the beauty of fine wines at a special wine tasting showcase.  READ MORE

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Wines from £9 to £13

This showcase presents quality wines that cost that little bit extra. READ MORE 

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Vintage wines

vintage wines

Does age matter when it comes to wine?  Discover the finest wines at a private showcase.   READ MORE

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Wines from £14 to £25

This showcase presents quality wines that’s price range starts from £13.  READ MORE

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Blind wine tasting

Learn about wines the fun way at a wine tasting showcase.  READ MORE

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The Wine Brands

Please do not hestiate to contact us regarding any future showcases you are considering booking. We are only a phone call away and we would be very happy to hear from you.



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