Get to know the different wine brands!

What’s in a name? Find out at The Wine Brands wine tasting events geared at helping wine tasters become familiar with the range of wines within particular brands. Discover how they all stand out from one another and why!

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Wine tasting showcase

Saturday 4th April 2015

Thurlow Lodge Community Hall - 7pm to 11pm in Camberwell

Discover your favourite wine brands, with sumptuous food, music and great company.  The event includes an art exhibition and after-party.

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Cheese & Wine Tasting

Saturday 23rd May 2015

Kentish Town- 7pm to 11pm in London

Enjoy an evening exploring new wine brands, complimented by a fine selection of cheeses. The event includes an art exhibition.

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Wine Tasting showcase

Saturday 27th June 2015

Phoenix Community Centre 7pm to 12pm in Crystal Palace
A wine tasting party extravaganza with a sumptuous buffet and after party in Crystal Palace, London, SE19 3AF.

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A huge Wine Tasting Showcase

Invite your friends to this wine tasting extravaganza where there will be a sumptuous buffet, an after party and more....

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